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Sales Analytics


Imagine having an assistant 24/7 to chat about your sales.

It's free

What is it

BrainwaveAI is a GenAI powered sales analytics assistant. Just like your “Siri or Alexa”, but this one talks about your e-commerce store, it will be aware of the Sales, Inventory, Cutomers and more..

How it works.

AI talks with Data-driven Insights.

Trained exclusively for each stores. Our AI model is designed to provide precise answers to the specific questions on your mind, communicated in clear and straightforward language.

Who is this for?

Works best for small-to-mid size ecommerce stores. If you are limitted on your resources for an assistant, give this tool a shot and see how much time and effort you can save.


-- It’ll talk about

Shipping & Billing

Inventory Info

Products & Collections

Customer info

Sales related metrics

Answeres are generated within 10 ~ 20 secs. We are actively pushing to increase the knowledge base of the models as well as reducing the response time.

Along with tabular data for your query, you can validate the models answer and make data-driven decisions

Simple & straight-forward pricing

Find the perfect plan for your needs


Exploring introductory features and capabilities.

$14 /month

10 Prompts a day

1 Concurrent session

3 Dashboard pins


Harnessing the vast potential of BrainwaveAI.

$99 /month

50 Prompts a day

5 Active concurrent session

8 Dashboard pins


Unlimited possibilities with unrestricted access

$399 /month

Unlimitted Prompts a day

Unlimitted Concurrent session

Unlimitted Dashboard pins

Every plan includes a 7-days free trail.

So you can get to play around with it and find if its a good fit for your business.

From now on...

Just Ask.

How were today's sales?
Did we meet weekly sales targets?
Top-selling products this month?
Did we meet weekly sales targets?
Top-selling products this month?
What did Jake ordered?
Is Customer retention is improving?
Products which are getting out of stock?
Any sales fluctuations observed?
Any trends between collections and shipping country?
Year-over-year sales comparison?
What is the top 10 cancel reason for UK customers?
Inventory issues with specific products?
Which is the most used Discount coupons for Winter clothings
Performance of upselling and cross-selling?
Show me all orders for J-Shirt from Boston?
When is the peak sales hour in a day for Summer collection?
Challenges in managing returns and refunds?
How well did customer support handle sales inquiries?

In Summary, here's what you achieve with BrainwaveAi

Save your time

Freeing up your time to focus on strategic expansion and development. While AI take care of the heavy-lifting

Tailored Insights

Instant answeres to your sales related queries. Ensuring you stay informed and make decisions with confidence in plain and simple language.

Data Driven

Access table views for your queries, enabling seamless data-driven decision-making.

We got all the answers

Is my data secure?

Is there a free plan?

Can I completely trust the Ai outputs?

What are the limitations of this AI?

Is it only available in Shopify store?

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